International Freight Forwarder

Global Network

Maple Freight has developed a global network that covers all major cities around the world. This network is based in part on our agent network.  We carefully select each agent based on their qualifications including breadth of services, local network, experience level, communication skills, overall credibility, financial stability and efficiency.  Frequently, we have to meet them in person, tour around their facilities and do further research and background checks to qualify them.  It is a slow process that must be done thoroughly to ensure that all members of the Maple Freight network are committed to the same high level of service that our customers have come to expect.  With over 100 agents working with us around the world, transportation logistics services are just one simple phone call away, even if you require the handling of an inter-Asia shipment to your vendor or client.
The tracking of your order is simplified with our centralized information systems.  We are able to keep track of worldwide shipments allowing our customers to receive updates automatically once a shipment is booked and on board, no matter where the shipment is made.  The hassle of calling several parties to track your shipment is completely eliminated.

Maple Freight is a proud member of

IATA, CIFFA and Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters.

Maple Freight is also Canada Border Services Agency's approved partner in protection.