International Freight Forwarder

Plan & Development

Maple Freight strives to provide ever more comprehensive logistics services to our Canadian and global customers. The niche of the company is to utilize our resources and expertise in international transportation logistics to streamline the importing and exporting procedures of our customers. Many customers have unique buying & selling patterns, depending on the commodities they specialize in.  Some ship all year round with certain “high” seasons, and others are completely seasonal and even based on harvest times.  Some ship in bulk quantities, and others who specialize in projects, ship in large and odd dimensions.  Some ship their products fresh, and others send them frozen.  Shippers need to find a logistics provider who understands how to fulfill their needs.  At Maple Freight, we sincerely believe that our group of highly experienced staff and our diverse service offerings will be the right choice for you.
As we move forward, there are many new regional and bilateral trade agreements and negotiations undertaken while others are still in the works.  The Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement, The Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement, APEC 2002, G8 Summit and other similar arrangements enhance market access, trade and investment into different countries for Canadian businesses.  Maple Freight will continue to explore the tremendous opportunities these free trade agreements yield with special attention to Asian Pacific trade as China emerges as one of the top trading partners with North America.  Their entry into the WTO will no doubt affect many businesses in Canada and the United States.  Import and export volumes will increase substantially with duty free and quota free access gradually being implemented over the coming years.

Maple Freight is a proud member of

IATA, CIFFA and Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters.

Maple Freight is also Canada Border Services Agency's approved partner in protection.