International Freight Forwarder

Warehouse & Distribution

Our sufferance warehouses enable us to handle bonded cargo and the de-consolidation of containers. Operating our own warehouse means better cross-dock services, first hand data in case of a shipment shortage or discrepancy, as well as more flexibility in special circumstances such as after-hours pickup or delivery. Whether our cargo comes in crates, cartons, bundles, pails, drums or hanging units, and no matter what the size, we handle it all with the utmost of care.
We are also pleased to make available to our customers, a storage and distribution service. Many small businesses have limited storage and distribution facilities. Once their cargo is cleared, shipments can be stored in our warehouse for distribution at a later date.
While storage and distribution can be a useful extra service to our customers, we always do our best to keep your supply chain well managed for a quick turn-around time from procurement to final delivery.

Maple Freight is a proud member of

IATA, CIFFA and Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters.

Maple Freight is also Canada Border Services Agency's approved partner in protection.