International Freight Forwarder


Through the support of our many customers, we have developed frequent consolidations from major ports in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.  We have also advanced our reach into Europe, building up a strong network of agents in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. We handle a broad range of goods for shipment and understand the particular needs of various industry groups.  For clients in the perishable and garment/textiles industries, we recognize the seasonal nature of your business.  We work with you in pre-planning your shipping lots for your seasonal debut or new store opening.
Time is also a critical concern for our customers.  Maple Freight understands the significance of time and strives to route shipments in the quickest and most direct routing to achieve maximum efficiency.  From the issuance of the purchase order to final delivery, we stand by our customers, communicating with vendors and ensuring that all parties are fully aware of the status of the shipment.
When we think about high technology products, we often think of companies in Silicon Valley and other parts of California.  But we also have a significant high tech industry in Canada that produces leading edge computers, components and digital machinery, just to name a few.  Over the years, we have been fortunate to be trusted by many high tech companies and have gained an excellent reputation for handling their products.  Arranging air ride services, special carrier handling and appropriate labelling are just some of the services and measures we take to ensure these sensitive high tech products are securely delivered.

Maple Freight is a proud member of

IATA, CIFFA and Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters.

Maple Freight is also Canada Border Services Agency's approved partner in protection.